Thursday, November 13, 2014

Comfy Collars & Cool Colors

Louie showing the front of his super cool Collar.
     Hey guys, it's Beccabear again. I'm back on  Doggynista with the newest model, Louie.
    Louie is modeling a harness-type collar, which is important for some dogs to have in case they get nervous and try to get out of their collar. If you have a dog and you're nervous that they can escape, you should try the harness collar, because it will reassure you that your dog is safe.
    Louie's collar is blue and red in an interesting and cool pattern, and while having this fashionable item, he is still safe and comfortable. The collar is easy to put on and looks great. It has places to attach the leash and anything else you'd like to include on your collar. Louie loves this, and also has a matching leash, which is red.
     The color's are bright and fun and great for any season or any occasion. The collar can be bought at any pet store like PetCo, and is highly recommended and great for dog training or just regular walking your dog.
    It's getting close to winter, so soon we will have Louie model a great winter jacket that keeps him warm while it's freezing. 
Here is Louie's name ID which we attached to the collar.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

      Hi again! Today is the day I'm getting back to my normal schedule and getting back to school soon. Some schools have already started! To join the end of summer and start of school I have two dogs.
    The dog on top looks preppy and ready to start school in her uniform. The one on the bottom is still in her chill in summer sweatshirt and sure doesn't look happy to have to turn into a school girl.
    When you're dressing up a dog for school, give them a uniform. Nobody will know they're ready for school if they're in regular casual clothes. I know that a lot of schools don't have uniforms so they wear regular street clothes and the backpack gives it away, but dogs won't standout in the crowd in normal clothes.
   Now let's talk about the bottom dog. The reason he/she is in a sweatshirt is because in summer you don't have to worry about looking nice and clean. You can just lounge in your pajamas all day! This dog hasn't left the world of lounging yet and hasn't started to practice getting up early, getting dressed, etc.
     But both dogs are in the same situation: leaving summer and starting school.

Bye! Beccabear.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

  HI people!  This pictuere is like a cozy dog in a spa. You'll see that it is in sort of like a robe like thing. Calling for one of its maids to bring her a smoothie. Or even a spa day.
   What do you wear when you go to the spa? This dog wears pink robes. Of course: pretty in pink.
   This dog is the type that probably lives the dream of pretty, fluffy dog beds, and pink outfits for fashion and fancy.
   If you look closely you can sort of see beads. Beads are a great way to get cute and pink.
    Where do you think this dog lives? Comment below what you think.

Hi again!
  I know mothers day was last week, but I was so busy so I'm doing the mothers day post today.
    In the picture to the right, a mother is walking 5 of her puppies, each wearing a bandana. I think it's cute to have dogs with matching clothes, especially puppies.
    It's almost like a human mother walking her human children. There are the mischievous ones, the ones that start fights, and the calmer ones. This mother seems to have to keep her puppies on track.
    What do you do on mothers day? This family of dogs go on a nice stroll in the park. Comment below what you do on mothers day.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

     Hi, and happy Easter! If you have a dog, don't celebrate spring alone... have your dog dress up for Easter.

     As you can see, this dog in the picture is wearing a hat that totally represents Easter. If you want a little sense... you can get so many other things. There are dresses for the girls, and spring suits for the boys.

     Unless you're not into that can be silly like this dog. You don't have to get Easter items though- how about spring colors? (Light pink, white, and light green.) As you can see, this picture shows perfect spring colors! Even any bright colors.
     One thing that represents Easter are bunny ears, like the dog in the picture. Bunny ears would make a silly costume. Also, spring is the season of flowers. Flowers would look faboo on a dress... especially a dog dress.

    So if you want a fashionable or silly dog, the tips are right above.

Once again, happy spring!


Friday, February 8, 2013

      Hi! Recently it was the super bowl. You may know that on another channel there is the doggy bowl. This pug in a football uniform would be perfect for that. He's all stuffed up into a uniform and helmet.
   Just a normal football uniform that could go on a person. Want to express your favorite team? You probably would wear a jersey, but you wouldn't wear a helmet for no have your dog wear one.  That's right! Team spirit. On the school football team? Bring your dog in the uniform.
   Now, just like the puppies on animal planet, your dog can play football, except your dog is dressed up! There are other sports you dress your dog up like too though. Soccer, basketball, baseball, maybe even boxing! So if you want to be creative...this is the way.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

     Happy valentines day! Today is February 1st and its almost Valentines day! I always wear red or pink on that day and i guess this dogs owner wants her dressed up.
   Whats better than a red dress with a pink bow with hearts on valentines day? Mix the perfect love day outfit with a cute dog! Fabruary! And part of this cute outfit is the pose! This dog looks so good with its little head poking out. Something that could make this outfit even better add a little bow to the fluff on the head.Wouldn't that be cute?
   Imagine walking down the street with this puppy. You would probably get a lot of stares [in a good way]. You would be the fashion spotlight. Just add some new pink shoes to go along.